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We have a large and fascinating selection of ever changing goods, from catering, general household and office furnishings, to fine art, antiques, collectables, plant, machinery and vehicles. The day before the auction is the best time to view.

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All assets on auction are listed with images on our website at-least 36 hours before each auction so online viewing and bidding is very convenient.

Please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS POLICY here. There are some technical conditions which may need explaining. FICA requirements apply to every sale. Buyers to provide ID and proof of residence on successful bid or before at our discretion. The rules of the auction comply with section 45 of the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008.

We recommend that you select and inspect your goods carefully. All items are sold without duty to repair (as is) so if bidding online make sure you’ve made enquiries regarding condition. Each item will have a sale lot number. Make a note of this number, as it will be referred to when auctioned. Sales are conducted in numerical order.

Reserves are never disclosed as owners may on occasion withdraw or lower the reserve price prior to items being auctioned. However, should you require help in establishing an estimated selling price on an item, our management staff are experienced in this field and will gladly assist you. The auctioneer may bid on behalf of the seller up to a reserve value.

Prospective buyers, attending a physical auction, are requested to register at the office prior to bidding. Registering will include completing a buyer's card, paying an acceptable deposit (per our conditions of sale) and collecting a buyer's number. A valid ID document and proof of residence is required. Deposits vary per auction, check online or enquire at the office. Your buyer's number must be kept on you, and shown to the Auctioneer clearly, every time you make a bid. Registration payment is by cash or EFT.

Prospective buyers, bidding ON-LINE have to register on our website before they can bid online (all that's required from you is your name, email address, cell number and a password). A deposit and further identification will normally only be required on successful bid, however this remains at the discretion of Dales Bros.

When the Auctioneer asks for bids on your chosen item, raise your hand to indicate your bid. If the amount being asked is not clear to you, ask the Auctioneer to repeat the bid amount. Relax and enjoy the auction - don't be nervous! We want you to enjoy yourselves!

After an item has been knocked down, the Auctioneer may announce that it has been purchased "subject to confirmation". This means that the reserve price or OEV (owner's estimated value) hasn't been reached, and we need to confirm with the owner whether the item may be sold for this lesser amount. The owner is contacted as soon as possible, and the buyer then advised accordingly. For this reason it is most imperative that details are filled in clearly on the buyer's card so that we can contact you.

If you are unable to attend an auction, please fill in a "commission bid" form and we will bid on your behalf. Such a bid will be subject to any reserve and other bids. Commission bids can and often are confirmed at less than your original offer. This procedure is very popular as it saves time waiting at the sale to bid. Telephone bids on major items are also an acceptable procedure. On-Line bidding is also available on our website, should you not be able to attend physical auctions. "Buy at any price" bids are not acceptable. Bid forms can be found at reception or cashiers desks and we are happy to provide advice on bid amounts.

REGISTRATION is quick and easy. (You register ONCE, therafter you LOGIN) Select REGISTER, enter your name, email address, cell number and password. An email will be sent to your email address to verify we have the correct email address for you. You have 1hr to click on the link in this email. Once verified and signed in you can edit your personal info under ACCOUNT, decide which type of auctions you would like further notifications on under COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES, view and bid on your current bids under MY BIDS or change your password under CHANGE PASSWORD. To bid on a new auction click on AUCTIONS and VIEW LOTS to see the images attached to the lots. Once finished, LOGOUT.

A PRE BIDDING auction closes 2 hours before the LIVE auction takes place. If you are successful in your pre bid, you will receive an email (confirming the auction, lot and amount). If your pre bid is successful at the LIVE auction, you will receive a further email and call from the Dales Bros. Sales Team requesting any necessary documents and payment. Winning on-line pre bids are not guaranteed to win once presented to the auctioneer for the physical auction but will stand as good a chance as any. You can also leave a max bid on-line, by selecting AUTO-BID, if you think your winning bid may be insufficient once the LIVE auction begins.

There are also ON-LINE ONLY auctions (ie: NO LIVE auction held at the saleroom). These end at the time stipulated under AUCTIONS and successful bidders are notified via email and called by the Dales Bros. Sales Team requesting any necessary documents and payment. You can also place an AUTO-BID which allows the system to bid for you, up to a max value set by yourself. Should someone out bid you, you will receive an sms, in real time, informing you, so that you can go online again and up your bid, should you so desire.

To see and continue bidding on just the lots you are interested in, rather than viewing the entire catalog and bidding, select ACCOUNT, MY BIDS.

Buyer's commission is charged on all items purchased. Although the majority of the goods for sale are non-vatable, those belonging to registered vendors are subject to VAT. These vatable items are marked with a dagger sticker. Please note that in accordance with Receiver of Revenue regulations, VAT is payable on all commission charged. Auto auction commissions carry separate commission and adminstrative charge structure. Minimum commissions apply per auction.

Successful bidders attending a physical auction
When you have completed your purchasing, proceed to our administration office where your account will have been prepared. On payment, you will receive the original and a copy of the invoice. The copy must be handed to the porter who will check and release the goods. Goods must be removed from the auction premises as soon as possible. Goods not removed within 24 hours of the sale day, will be placed in storage, accruing storage and handling charges. It is preferable to make use of your own transport. However, should you require, we have the facilities to transport almost anything, from delicate antique to a tractor. Payment can be made by EFT, credit and debit cards (Not American Express), bank cheques and cash (cash payments only at the bank). Only once payments have been cleared will invoices be issued and all charges are paid for. Please enquire about payment charges.

Successful ON-LINE bidders
Will be notified via email of their successful bids and of any other documents/payments that are required before being allowed to collect their goods.

We become your agents by accepting to sell your assets at one of our auctions. Please read our comprehensive terms and conditions here.

You may place a reserve price on an article to prevent it from being sold for less than you expect/want. A reserve is a minimum hammer price at which that lot may be sold. Reserves must be reasonable and we may decline to offer goods which in our opinion would be subject to an unreasonably high reserve. An OEV (owner's estimated value) can be given which allows for a more flexible selling price giving the auctioneer a 30% leeway. If after 21 days of receiving your goods and no sale having been concluded, any reserves or oevs’s will automatically be removed and the lots sold to the highest bidder.

Removal of lots by the seller will incur charges at the auctioneers discretion, generally 20% of original reserve plus any expenses incurred

Dales Bros have sworn appraisers and valuers available for all forms of work. We conduct work for probate matters and private matters. Where items are consigned for auction, valuation fees are often discounted or not applicable. If wanting a valuation on a complete household or office, enquire about our bulk valuation offering.

It is preferable to make use of your own transport, but should you require, we have the facilities to transport almost anything from a delicate antique to a tractor to our salerooms at very competitive rates.

Seller's commission is charged on all items sold by us, with the exception of motor cars where an administrative fee is charged. All receipts carry a standard lotting/receipting fee. Please contact our offices for particulars. Commission charges vary between lots.

We endeavour to pay the proceeds of goods sold within 10 days from the date of the sale, or as soon as is reasonably possible after the total amount due is received from the buyer and all items on the receipt have been sold. Settlement is the net amount after commissions, receipt charges and or other charges. All monies are held in our Dales Bros Trust Account. Payment is made by way of non-transferable cheque and can be collected at the office or deposited into your account.